Pardon Our Dust

This month The Consolidated Mutual Water Company will start two important construction projects: one at our main office, and the second at our Water Treatment Facility.

In keeping you, our Stockholders, up-to-date on what your water company is doing, we’ve created this new webpage – Pardon Our Dust – to share information and updates regarding these two construction projects.

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Main Office Building

The first project is for our main office building and will begin October 15, 2018.  This project is scheduled to be completed mid-February 2019.

The ‘new entrance’ project creates a ‘vestibule’, protected from inclement weather providing Stockholders/Customers a small, enclosed, well-lit lobby for you when paying water bills in-person.  Also, it enhances the functionality of our main entrance and provides additional safety features for our office building.  For your information, the office building was constructed in 1985, and since its construction, there have been no improvements or enhancements added to the building.  Further, in combination with the upgraded front entrance, new, maintenance-free building facia materials will be installed.  These new materials will enhance the appearance of the building while providing important sun and weather protection for many years to come.

Water Treatment Plant

The second significant construction project is a major enhancement of our Maple Grove Water Treatment Facility (MGWT); specifically, upgrading our ‘de-watering’ process for leftover solids created when our raw water is treated and converted into safe, clean drinking water.

We anticipate starting this project in October 2018, with scheduled completion March 2020.

The MGWT Solids handling project is an important update and ‘retrofit’ project for the treatment facility, and the result of this major project is three-fold:

a major reduction in heavy equipment activity and associated noise levels created by that heavy equipment when emptying solids holding bins;

significant reduction in odors emanating from the treatment plant; and,

the new sludge handling de-watering process will save even more water in the treatment process and significantly reduce the water content remaining in the solids from treatment, compared to the previous treatment process, by siphoning the water from the new ‘de-watering’ process and recycling and retreating the leftover water.

This higher level of efficiency directly relates to keeping the cost of treated water we deliver to our Stockholders/Customers at reasonable rates.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please contact us at 303.238.0451 via phone, or via email at

Thank you for your patience as we initiate these two important construction projects.