Media Alert – Snowpack & Water Supply

The Consolidated Mutual Water Company’s Reservoirs are 87% full! (Average As of March 20, 2018)

 Please Note – 60% of the total water distributed by Consolidated is purchased from Denver Water; therefore, Denver Water’s media alert is important to Consolidated’s customers.

**Media Alert** March 20, 2018

 You’ve probably seen the headlines and reports on the dry conditions statewide. As spring and summer approach, Denver Water’s experts are keeping a close eye on the conditions and how they will impact water supply.

 Tune into Denver 7 tonight at 6 p.m. for a segment on snowpack and water supply. For the story, reporter Russell Haythorn interviewed Denver Water spokesperson Stacy Chesney about the current snowpack levels, water efficiency, watering rules and future outlook of our water supply.

 In case you’re asked by friends, family or customers, here’s some information you may find helpful:

  • Denver Water closely monitors the conditions year-round, and especially as we head into the spring because the snow in the mountains feeds our reservoirs that supply water to customers in the city.
  • Denver Water has been fortunate compared to other parts of the state, particularly in the south. Even so, the snowpack above our collection system is a bit below normal. (Our snowpack measurements are specific to our collection system where the snow feeds our reservoirs — above the points from which we collect water.)
  • Our reservoirs are higher than normal for this time of year, thanks in part to our customers’ efficient water use. That said, the dry conditions across the state are concerning, and we are closely monitoring precipitation, snowpack, stream flows, runoff projections, wind and soil moisture and long-range weather forecasts.
  • It is too early for us to make a determination on where we’ll end up after the spring runoff. If we were to move into drought conditions from a water supply standpoint, we have a response plan that would guide the water use rules and restrictions to help us manage water supply and water use.
  • The recent storm was good for landscapes in the city. Customers can continue to do their part by using water efficiently. During prolonged dry periods, it’s a good idea to check your landscape and hand-water water grass, trees and shrubs once or twice a month. Here’s a video that shows how to see if your landscape needs water: To water, or not to water, that is the question

Please visit for contact information for The Consolidated Mutual Water Company. (303) 238-0451.