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Soil Amendment

Before a newly constructed premise may be landscaped, property owners must amend their soil with compost so the soil more efficiently retains water. This rule applies to all new residential, commercial, government and industrial properties within The Consolidated Mutual Water Company's service area.

Importance of Soil Amendment
Soil amendment is required prior to landscaping the premise. Amending your soil with compost has multiple benefits. Organic matter (compost) particles can hold moisture in the soil for extended periods, allowing water to be available to plants over a longer period of time. Compost can provide small amounts of the key nutrients nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (N-P-K) and also increases microbial activity, which improves plant root growth. Compost also opens clay soils, allowing better drainage, and closes sandy soils, preventing water from leaching away too quickly.

To Pass a Soil Amendment Inspection
Prior to the installation of any plant material, including sod, apply a minimum of 4 cubic yards of soil amendment product per 1,000 square feet of permeable area.

This soil amendment product must be incorporated or rototilled to a depth of 4-6 inches. The site must be raked smooth and finish grades must be established. Rocks and debris over 1-inch diameter that may interfere with planting and maintenance operations must be removed.

If you have questions or need to schedule an inspection, please contact our Stocks Record/Tap Administrator at 303/274-7420 or by email at .

Approved soil amendment product list


Soil preparation information  [PDF]