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Cross-Connection Control Program

Backflow Prevention Program

It is the intent of Consolidated to protect the company water system from contamination or pollution by backflow from an owner's internal distribution system or private water system, and to provide for the maintenance of a continuing program of cross connection control, which will systematically prevent the contamination or pollution of the company water system. All commercial properties, and all multi-family residental units of 4 units or more per water meter, are required to install and maintain backflow prevention containment devices.

It is the responsibility of the owner to have certified inspections and operational tests made on the backflow prevention device upon installation and at least once per year thereafter.  The Meter Operations Manager may require certified inspections at more frequent intervals.  These inspections and tests shall be made at the expense of the owner and will be performed by a certified inspector approved by the Meter Operations Manager.  A backflow prevention device will be repaired or replaced within  days at the expense of the owner whenever a device is found to be defective.  For any reason, if the device is put under suspension, that device must be tested by a CMWCo approved testing company, to allow the device to be brought out of suspension. 

Any person who violates any provision of this program shall be subject to termination of water service to the owner's property until such time that the violation has been corrected and inspected by the Meter Operations Manger or designee. 

 For further clarification, please click on the link below to view our complete Backflow Prevention Policy. 

CMWCo Backflow Regulations Effective 8-1-16 

Effective immediately the Consolidated Mutual Water Company (CMWCo) will no longer be accepting any backflow test reports that are not submitted on the backflow test web site.

Online site for test submittals

You can submit your reports via the website here.

Dual Water Service Agreement Policy

CMWCo Dual Water Service Agreement Policy

 Any questions regarding these policies should be forwarded to our office by calling or emailing us.

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