Business Services

The Business Service Department provides services to our shareholders in many ways, and we are proud to do it.

Comprised of Four Departments

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Comprised of Four Departments

Consumer Services

Consumer Services focuses on billing and customer service. The staff provides excellent customer service and accurate billing to customers. This team also includes our wonderful receptionists.

Tap Sales

Tap sales calculates fees for new services in the system, handles the transfer of shares, and inspects new taps.


Backflow ensures water quality by enforcing compliance with state regulations.

Meter Services

Meter Operations ensures all water meters are working, up to date, and reading correctly. The meter team works in all weather conditions to ensure excellent customer service.


employees in business services here to serve you

New software services to better serve our stockholders

The new software is more intuitive so we can better serve our customers.

Combining all three systems offers a seamless integration that brings the meter operation and billing teams closer, which allows an enhancement in conducting their customer services duties much more efficiently.

improves billing efficiency by using up-to-date technology on a user-friendly platform

allows our service technicians to update service orders while they’re in the field

provides more options to pay your bill and more billing details

Enhanced real-time data collection

Newest technology provides higher-quality information to better serve our customers with accurate readings while decreasing maintenance costs. The update was completed two months ahead of schedule.

With these new devices, customers have better access to:

track their consumption

leak detection notifications

readings in fifteen-minute intervals