Smart Technology

Conservation through the use of technology

Leak Map

Although leaks occur on water mains, to minimize water loss, we use Smart tools to track every leak event and identify leak-prone areas. We focus our main replacement program on these leak-prone areas.

Pressure Bands

The distribution system hydraulic model simulates our pipe network. The model is a critical tool used to analyze water loss, fire flow availability and pipe sizing.

Pressure Sensor Data

We can quickly identify irregular fluctuations in the system utilizing remote pressure sensors. The smart devices are programmed to send text messages or emails if a sensor is recording measurements outside anticipated pressure parameters.

Example of a pressure drop and spike, indicating a leak occurring

Main Replacement

We replaced over 7 miles of water mains in 2022

That’s almost 15 times the length of Maple Grove reservoir (from north to south).

It is longer in length than the depth of the Mariana Trench (36,201’).

Almost 2.5 times the length of the longest runway at DIA (16,000’).

Almost 55 times the height of the cash register building downtown (~700’).