Source Water Protection

Water supply management and regulations have been a topic in the news lately. Even though Consolidated is not directly affected by the current Colorado River dilemma, the continued tightening of the water resources regulatory environment requires us to remain resilient and considerate of what the future may bring regarding our water supply. Therefore, our supply team remains focused on developing a diverse and robust system prepared for the future. We know that the work we do now will impact our customers for many years to come.

Water Storage

Our raw water system is constantly being upgraded to meet the demands of a growing population and care for aging infrastructure. In 2022, we began the process of enhancing our existing reservoirs.

Maple Grove Reservoir

In 2022, we completed the first phase of studying the existing dam and spillway in collaboration with the Colorado Division of Water Resources Dam Safety group and the Colorado State Engineer’s Office.

At the start of 2023, we began relocating our fence to our exterior property boundary to increase security, eliminate trespassing, enhance our property and the surrounding area, and create the space to accommodate a minor expansion project. The last time Maple Grove Reservoir experienced these significant enhancement projects was 39 years ago, in 1984.

Chronology of Maple Grove Reservoir





Maple Grove Reservoir Expansion Concept

Welton Reservoir

Our team completed the first study phase and initial design to enlarge Welton Reservoir to create more water storage. This in-depth study determined that nearly 400 acre-feet of additional storage can be created with a relatively minor increase in the dam’s spillway crest. In 2023, we will finalize the design and permitting for this enlargement project.

The dam at Welton Reservoir

The dam at Welton Reservoir

Clear Creek

We completed a change of beneficial use for water rights acquired in 2018. This lengthy water court process took almost five years to complete. We now have an additional 180 acre-feet of water in our supply portfolio during a typical year. This additional water supply comes from senior water rights on Clear Creek and will allow us to remain resilient and ensure that our long-term commitment and mission to our customers are always fulfilled.