Our Rates & Consumer Services

The Consolidated Mutual Water Company (Consolidated) purchases treated water from the Denver Board of Water Commissioners (Denver Water) at their water rates and fixed meter charges for about 70% of Consolidated’s total water distributed annually. Further, treated water purchased from Denver Water is 40% of Consolidated’s annual operation and maintenance budget.

The Denver Water Board adopted water rates for 2019 which included an adjustment to their cost of water and a substantial increase in their fixed monthly meter service charges for each of the last three years.  Denver Water’s new rate structure is striving to improve revenue stability by increasing fixed monthly revenue and reducing weather-related volatility.

Despite Denver Water’s rate increases since 2016, Consolidated is committed to keeping its rates as reasonable as possible without compromising water service to our Stockholders.  Effective February 1, 2019, the rate Consolidated charges for water delivered is $5.00 per thousand gallons.  Consolidated’s water rates pay for the operation, maintenance, debt service, depreciation, insurance, taxes, and accumulation of reserves for capital improvements.   Also, your water bill includes a monthly fixed customer service charge which has increased for the first time since 2011.  Your meter size determines the monthly service charge in accordance with the following schedule:

Meter SizeMonthly Customer Fixed Service Charge Minimum Shares Required
5/8" Displacement$17.505
3/4" Displacement$21.255
1" Displacement$28.7510
1-1/2" Displacement$47.5015
2" Compound$70.0025
2" Turbine$85.0030
3" Compound$130.0050
3" Turbine$178.7565
4" Compound$197.5075
4" Turbine$478.75180
6" Compound$385.00145

No combination or aggregation of charges for service to a customer through two or more meters shall be made.

Fire Line Connection Billing Schedule

(Effective February 1, 2019)

Effective with all billings on and after February 1, 2019, the monthly customer fixed service charges for fire line connections are reflected in the following schedule (rates in parentheses are for comparison):

Fire Line Connection
Monthly Customer Fixed Service Charges

12" or Larger$70.00

Consolidated’s delinquent account policy is applicable for all unpaid and delinquent water billing and fire line connection accounts.


Share Cost for New Stockholders

The Board of Directors has established the selling price of capital stock to assure that much of the cost of new water resource development is passed on to new customers creating the demand. Effective February 1, 2016, the stated selling price of capital stock is $2,500 per share, or $12,500 per five-share unit.

Effective February 1, 2009, new taps on the Maple Grove Water Supply System will be assessed a Water Development Fee of $1,800 per share, or $9,000 per five-share unit. Effective on and after August 28, 2013, new taps on the Denver system will also be assessed a Water Development fee of $1,800.00 per share or $9,000.00 per five(5) share block.

Rates are subject to change with or without notice.

New Tap Sales

Payment Policies

Delinquent Account Policy

Download a PDF of the Delinquent Account Policy

The Company will discontinue service to a service address whose account is delinquent after reasonable notice without incurring any liability therefore. An account will be considered delinquent at any time charges remain unpaid beyond the Due Date on the face of the Water Bill or Statement. Once an account becomes delinquent, partial payments will not be accepted, and the entire amount must be paid in full to avoid discontinuance of service.

Any property owned by a Stockholder/Owner and served by the Company whose account was in the name of a tenant prior to February 1, 2014, will no longer be allowed this status effective with all billings on and after April 1, 2014 (“the effective date”). At that time, the account will automatically be changed back into the name of the Stockholder/Owner and all subsequent water bills will be and shall remain the responsibility of the Stockholder/Owner pursuant to the Company By-Laws.

To minimize delinquent accounts and reduce the financial burden of delinquencies upon the Company, accounts not paid before the scheduled turn off date will incur a delinquincy service charge to cover the cost of the special service required. Repeat delinquencies will be subject to incremental increases in service charges as follows:

First Delinquency $25.00

Second Delinquency $50.00

Third Delinquency $100.00

After the third delinquency, each delinquency will incur a service charge of $100.00 and only cash or certified funds will be accepted.

The service charge and entire bill must be paid in full before service is restored. Payments received between 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday (except Holidays) will result in restoration of service the same day. Payments received after 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday (except Holidays) will result in restoration of service the next working day. Service terminated for non-payment will not be restored outside normal business hours.

Settlement of an account with a check or electronic payment that does not clear the bank will result in a $20.00 returned check charge. A returned check or electronic payment on a delinquent account will result in immediate discontinuance of service. The amount of the returned check, the $20.00 returned check charge and any service charge must be paid in cash or certified funds before service is restored.

Revised December 4, 2017.

Payment Responsibility Policy

Download a PDF of the Payment Responsibility Policy

Article VII, Section 1.(f) under Conduct of Business of the Company’s By-Laws as excerpted below places the responsibility of unpaid water bills on the Stockholders:

“Stockholders are responsible for unpaid water bills incurred by a tenant or other user (such as under a purchase contract) of the tap right represented by this certificate, and any unpaid sums, whether for water or otherwise, due the Company incident to service under such tap right shall constitute a paramount lien in favor of the Company against the stock represented hereby. No stock representing a tap right can be transferred until any delinquency in connection therewith is paid in full”.

Effective on and after April 1, 2014 (“the effective date”) water bills for water service will only be mailed to the service address as shown on the Stock Certificate of the Stockholder/Owner unless the Company receives a written request from the Stockholder/Owner directing the water bill be sent to an address of the Stockholder/Owner other than the service address served by the Company. Mailing of the water bill for water service to an address other than the Stockholder/Owner’s address shall in no way relieve the Stockholder/Owner of unpaid water bills or other unpaid charges nor shall it affect the Company’s power to enforce payment for any unpaid charges by discontinuing water service to the property at which the charges derived. Unpaid charges constitute a paramount lien in favor of the Company against the stock. Stock cannot be transferred until all charges are paid in full. After reasonable notice has been given, no water will be furnished to the service address against which any charge remains unpaid beyond the due date.

Effective with all billings on and after April 1, 2014, the Company will no longer mail duplicate billings and final notices for delinquent payments to Stockholder/Owner tenants. Payment of water bills and any unpaid charges are the responsibility of the Stockholder/Owner pursuant to Article VII, Section 1.(f) of the Company’s By-Laws. The Company will not accept verbal directions from the Stockholder/Owner and has no legal relationship, implied or otherwise, with Stockholder/Owner tenant(s).

Revised January 27, 2014.