Maple Grove Projects

Maple Grove Reservoir – A Wildlife Haven Since 1957

Maple Grove Reservoir Security, Maintenance, & Enhancement Projects

We have embarked on multi-phased projects for our main drinking water reservoirs that allow us to fulfill our Vision & Mission of providing quality, clean and safe domestic water service into perpetuity.

Our commitment to being a premiere water provider began in 1926. And after 97 years of sustained service, we look forward to continuing this commitment as a premiere water provider and remaining resilient to meet growing demands on our system.

Rest assured that all of Consolidated’s projects implemented today, such as the Maple Grove Reservoir (MGR) Projects, have lasting benefits for all 23,000 customers and the nearly 100,000 people we serve for at least the next 97 years.

As a neighborhood asset since 1957 that enhances the property values of our neighbors, we recognized the opportunity to secure our private property and beautify MGR property simultaneously. In preparation for the MGR Project, we communicated and collaborated with our neighbors adjacent to MGR.

We’ve accomplished mutually beneficial and customized outcomes with adjacent neighbors through collaboration. The results will preserve existing views and, coupled with future beautification projects, support MGR’s beauty and neighborhood property values. We have achieved mutually beneficial results by respecting and creating partnerships with our adjacent neighbors.

Further, our MGR is a haven and home to a wide range of wildlife. Frequent wildlife visitors and permanent residents include Bald Eagles, Red Tail and Swainson’s Hawks, Canadian Geese, Blue Heron, ducks, dear, Snowy Egrets, Crows, Magpies, foxes, and coyotes.

Below are the three significant phases of work that have or will occur at MGR.

Phase 1: Property Security & Cleanup

It is paramount, and we take the responsibility seriously for securing our property boundary to eliminate trespassing, unlawful littering, and human contact because MGR is the last stop for our water before it enters the treatment facility. Therefore, we must establish a secure and safe perimeter for this facility.

Invasive weeds and diseased or unhealthy trees also have posed a problem to the houses that share a border with MGR. We have started a long-overdue cleanup of the grounds and will ensure that we maintain MGR to higher standards in the future. In 2022, the pre-project preparation included mowing and spraying weeds and removing rotted, diseased trees that threatened private property damage.

Phase 1 Status: construction started and is ongoing.

Notice to Impacted Homeowners #1 – February 28, 2022

Notice to Impacted Homeowners #2 – March 29, 2022

Notice to Impacted Homeowners #3 – September 21, 2022

Adjacent/Impacted Neighborhood Meeting – October 20, 2022

Attended/Spoke at the Ward 1 Monthly Meeting – December 3, 2022

Phase 2: Lena Gulch Sedimentation Basin

Improving water quality and optimizing our water rights administration is an ongoing priority. Although we have water rights to water in Lena Gulch, we must generally bypass this flow to lower Lena Gulch below MGR. We bypass Lena Gulch water because it’s not the same high-quality water as the other sources we store in our reservoir. Our current bypass system incorporates an electrical pump that runs constantly. We are studying and designing new improvements for the sediment basin and bypass system to improve overall water quality and reduce our reliance on electricity.

Phase 2 Status: study and design research initiated.

Phase 3: Reservoir Improvements and Enhancement

Enhancing and improving our Maple Grove Reservoir to meet the growing demands of our customers is a priority. To continue as a premiere water provider, we are now improving our reservoir assets to maximize their capability and value to meet future customer demand. MGR is just one of three reservoir sites where we are increasing our storage capacity. Additionally, we are working with the State of Colorado’s Dam Safety Team to ensure that we are prudent in operating a safe and effective dam and urban flood mitigation zone. We commit to providing water into perpetuity—and will do this while being safe!

Phase 3 Status: hydrologic and hydraulic analysis study completed. Design, permitting, and construction will being in late 2023.