Engineering and Development Projects

The Consolidated Mutual Water Company is a private, nonprofit, stockholder owned water utility.

Developers and Engineers must submit water construction plans to Consolidated Mutual Water Company for review and approval. Please contact us at to discuss your upcoming water project.

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Developer Information – Engineering Plan Review

All projects that require a main extension or relocation, fire line, and/or fire hydrant must be reviewed by Consolidated Mutual Water Company’s Engineering Department. See the steps below to start the review process.

Plan Review

Any project that requires a new water main, fire line or fire hydrant must go though the CMWC engineering submittal process. For Meters and Tap Sales plan review please go to the Tap Sales department.

Fire protection requirements must be identified early in the planning phase.

Click here to download the development outline for steps for submittal and plan approval.

To begin the process, please email or call the CMWC Engineering Department to set up a presubmittal meeting. CMWC’s goal is to review and return comments/questions on all submittals within 2-3 weeks.

Plan Approval

Consolidated Mutual will issue approval for construction upon receipt of the following items:

  • Recorded easement agreement(s)
  • Final plans signed and stamped by a PE, with Fire Department approval
  • Denver Water approval stamp (if applicable)
  • Executed improvement agreement
  • Review deposit & inspection/construction deposit paid in full
  • Material submittal by contractor (if applicable)

Construction and Inspection Requirements

Construction/inspection for the project will be scheduled following project approval. The Pre-construction meeting will be held with CMWC’s Construction Superintendent within 1-2 weeks of planned water construction. The Developer’s contractor is responsible for scheduling any other inspections required (City, Fire Department, etc). CMWC must review material submittals from contractor prior to the start of water construction.

At the pre-con meeting, CMWC will designate a representative for construction inspection.

CMWC staff will always tap the main for domestic services.

The contractor is responsible for the entirety of the service line construction, with the exception of the physical tap.

The contractor is responsible for constructing the system facilities per the approved plans. Any deviations from the approved plans must be reviewed by the engineering department.

Project Acceptance

For system extension/replacement projects and fire hydrant installations, a certificate of acceptance will be issued to the property owner/developer after completion of the following requirements:

  • For water system extension/replacement projects: passing hydrostatic, chlorine and clear water tests and applicable test results submitted to CMWC
  • Post-construction punchlist items addresses to the satisfaction of CMWC inspector
  • 1st lift of paving complete
  • No cost bill of sale and quit claim deed


The date of the executed letter of acceptance represents the beginning of warranty period. During the warranty period, the owner/developer warrants to CMWC that lines and facilities, as installed, against faulty workmanship and materials for a minimum of 12 months. The owner/developer will be responsible for all cost and expense to cure, repair, or replace any part(s) of the constructed lines or facilities if CMWC determines they are not constructed in conformity with CMWC rules and regulations, approved plans, construction notes or specifications or that CMWC determines to be defective, of poor or un-workmanlike quality, or are not performing to CMWC standards for any other reason.