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The Consolidated Mutual Water Company is a private, nonprofit, stockholder owned water utility. 

Developers and Engineers must submit water construction plans to Consolidated Mutual Water Company for review and approval. Please contact us at to discuss your upcoming water project.

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CONDITIONS (Continued):

  1. If the application is approved and the required Agreements and/or Permits are duly executed, the deposit is to be credited against the estimated cost as stated in such agreement/permit. If the application is denied or the required agreement/permit is not executed, any excess of the deposit over the preliminary costs incurred is to be returned, or if the preliminary costs are in excess of the deposit, the deficiency will be promptly paid by the applicant upon receipt of the Company’s statement.  THE APPLICANT UNDERSTANDS AND AGREES THAT ACCEPTANCE OF THE PRELIMINARY DEPOSIT AND ITS DEPOSIT TO THE ACCOUNT OF THE CONSOLIDATED MUTUAL WATER COMPANY DOES NOT CONSTITUTE APPROVAL OF THIS APPLICATION.
  2. IT IS EXPRESSLY RECOGNIZED AND AGREED THAT The Consolidated Mutual Water Company does not offer or represent its ability to supply water for fire protection service, but under present regulations, merely permits connections for such service to be made in compliance with its specifications. The Company also expressly reserves the right to impose metering, regulations, and charges for or incident to such fire protection installation or the maintenance thereof, if and when the Company adopts a general practice in such regard, and any such regulations imposed will be subject to change by the Company at any time.
  3. Any contribution on the part of the Company toward installation costs will be entirely voluntary and will not necessarily apply to any other installations.

CAD Standards

Drawing coordinates to be in NAD83 CO Central Zone 502 and external references bound.