2024 Notice of Rate Increase

What does this mean to you?

The average Consolidated residential customer will experience a
$2.45 per month increase in their water bill.

How’d we get there?

Consolidated stores, treats, and delivers safe, clean water reliably and economically to you, our Stockholders/Customers. Our treated water meets or exceeds all clean water standards mandated in the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act and the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment standards.

Each year Consolidated conducts a cost and value of service analysis that tracks the total cost of services to provide clean water to you. The analysis includes our continual effort to improve and enhance our delivery infrastructure and its maintenance and to create critical infrastructure resilience.

Inflation is having a dramatic negative economic impact on water providers. Inflationary cost increases for water pipes, valves, fittings, and energy have driven project costs up between 10 and 50%. Further, new government regulation changes also drive-up prices.

Consolidated’s service area spans twenty-four square miles, serving an estimated population of 100,000 people in Lakewood, Wheat Ridge, Applewood, and Pleasant View. We have over four hundred miles of pipelines, five water storage reservoirs, eight potable water storage tanks, and numerous pump stations.

In balancing construction projects, pipeline maintenance and replacements, the rising costs associated with inflation, and purchasing and storing raw water, our value of service analysis results in a water usage charge of $5.90 per 1,000 gallons and a monthly service fee of $24.90 per ¾” & $20.50 per 5/8″ water taps.

As a private, mutually owned non-profit company, Consolidated does not make a profit or receive tax dollars. We reinvest your money from rates and charges to maintain and upgrade our water treatment and delivery system. Most importantly, Consolidated is debt-free and has prudent financial reserves for future water purchases and infrastructure enhancements. Consolidated’s strong financial position is because of outstanding financial stewardship and leadership from your elected Board of Directors.

Have Questions?

Call Consumer Services at (303) 238-0451 or email us at ConsumerServices@CMWC.net.

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