You may have seen or read recent media reports that lead is a contaminant of concern in the water industry.

Rest assured, there is no lead in the potable water that The Consolidated Mutual Water Company (Consolidated) delivers to you!

Furthermore, our initial research reflects a minimal risk of lead service lines in Consolidated’s service area.

There is a chance for lead to enter your drinking water through lead-containing household plumbing joints, fixtures, or service lines owned by you.

If you’re unsure or suspect that your property has a lead service line, please call us at (303) 238-0451, and we’ll facilitate the delivery of test kits and filters.

The Consolidated Mutual Water Company is participating and partnering with Denver Water to identify and remove any lead service lines that exist in our service area, as part of the Lead Reduction Program. Recently, Denver Water received approval for its Lead Reduction Program from the Environmental Protection Agency, which also encompasses Consolidated’s program.

We encourage you to follow the links included on this page, which connect you to the Denver Water Lead Reduction Program information pages on Denver Water’s website.

To learn more about the program, remain watchful for additional, and direct communication from Consolidated and Denver Water.