Importance of Soil Amendment:

Amending your soil with compost has multiple benefits. Organic matter (compost) particles can hold moisture in the soil for extended periods, allowing water to be available to plants over a longer period of time. Compost can provide small amounts of the key nutrients nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (N-P- K) and also increases microbial activity, which improves plant root growth. Compost also “opens” clay soils allowing better drainage and “closes” sandy soils preventing water from leaching away too quick.

For all meter sets The Consolidated Mutual Water Company, (Consolidated) requires soil amendment before an appointment for a final meter inspection will be scheduled. If the property fails soil amendment inspection, the appointment for final landscaping and meter inspection will not be accepted, which may affect whether the property can be occupied. Failure to pass final meter inspection and complete the Capital Stock process may also result in cancellation of the Water Tap Application.

Limits on Use. Use of water for construction is permitted only through a fire hydrant permit from Consolidated until the water service is activated. Landscape irrigation and occupancy of the premises prior to the final inspection of a meter are prohibited and shall constitute unauthorized use of water.

At the time of application for the water tap, a soil amendment fee ($80) will be collected in addition to all other applicable fees. In the case of re-inspections, an $80 trip charge will be assessed for each additional visit to the property and will be billed to the property once the meter has passed final inspection.

To Pass Soil Amendment Inspection:

  1. Prior to the installation of any plant material, including sod, apply a minimum of four (4) cubic yards of soil amendment product per one thousand (1,000) square feet of permeable area. This soil amendment product must be incorporated or rototilled to a depth of four to six inches. Site shall be raked smooth and finish grades established. Rocks and debris over 1-inch diameter that may interfere with planting and maintenance operations shall be removed.
  • The soil amendment product applied to the premises must be on the Approved Soil Amendment product list available at amendment-program.

  • Tilled soil amendment product is required for all permeable area of the property, including tree lawn and right-of-way adjacent to the property for which the property owner is responsible for planting and maintaining.

  1. Schedule an Inspection for Soil Amendment:
  • Provide documentation of soil amendment product, quantity of product and address(es) it will be applied to – invoice or load ticket – to Consolidated prior to inspection appointment. Inspection will be arranged once documentation has been received and product approved. Documentation may be emailed to

  • Schedule an inspection with The Consolidated Mutual Water Co by calling 303-238-0451. Inspections are to be scheduled a minimum of 48 hours in advance. Business days are Monday – Friday, 7:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. except holidays.

  • Inspection status (pass or fail) will be communicated to the party who requested the inspection via email.

  • Once the property passes soil amendment inspection, an inspection of the landscaping around the meter pit and curb stop will be scheduled and final inspection of the meter setting at grade.

If the property fails soil amendment inspection: The appointment for final meter inspection and landscaping will not be accepted if the property fails the soil amendment inspection. Consolidated will notify the party who made the appointment. For re-inspection, the same process applies along with a $80 trip charge. The property may not be occupied or landscaped.

Once the property has passed the soil amendment inspection and the final meter inspection, the construction deposit will be refunded to the originator of deposit, regardless of ownership of the property. NO INTEREST WILL BE PAID ON THE DEPOSIT.

Note: Consolidated cannot perform the soil amendment inspection if the premise is landscaped. Therefore, any landscaping that occurs prior to the inspection is done at the risk of the party obtaining the landscaping. Consolidated is not responsible for any monetary or property loss arising from removal of landscaping in order to perform the inspection.

For phased projects:
A complete site irrigation plan must be submitted for review as a pre-requisite to applying for a tap.